The Original Greek New Testament

Life of Jesus Primary Sources: Creeds and Facts

What facts did the earliest Christians report concerning Jesus in the initial years after his crucifixion? Of what did the earliest Christology consist before the composition of the New Testament? Is it possible to get back to eyewitness ... Read More | Share

The Jesus Seminar and the Historical Jesus

With an incredible amount of media fanfare, the Jesus Seminar has radically challenged the Gospel accounts of Jesus at their very foundation. This group of 74 scholars from various seminaries and universities met over a period of six years ... Read More | Share

The New Gnosticism

The year 1945 witnessed an amazing discovery at Nag Hammadi, about 300 miles south of Cairo in the Nile River region of Egypt. In the month of December, an Arab peasant accidently discovered 13 papyrus codices bound in leather. Though ... Read More | Share

Limitations on the Historical Jesus

While few scholars doubt that Jesus ever lived, several approaches have been popular over the years that propose to limit what we can know about the historical Jesus. We will investigate a number of common misconceptions that would restrict ... Read More | Share

Reinterpretations of the Historical Jesus

In addition to the major historical approaches presented in the last chapter, many have attempted to write more-or-less popular lives of Jesus. These authors often advocate unorthodox interpretations: Jesus never died on the cross; he was ... Read More | Share

Did Jesus Ever Live?

Very few scholars hold the view that Jesus never lived. This conclusion is generally regarded as a blatant misuse of the available historical data. Even Rudolf Bultmann, in his program of demythologizing the New Testament, said, “By no ... Read More | Share

The Fictitious Lives of Jesus

From Gary R. Habermas, The Historical Jesus – Ancient Evidence For The Life Of Christ (in print at Amazon) From the late eighteenth through the nineteenth centuries, both before and during the heyday of Protestant Liberalism, there ... Read More | Share

The Man Who Died, a short story on Christ, by D H Lawrence

In his later years Lawrence developed the potentialities of the short novel form in St Mawr, The Virgin and the Gypsy and The Man Who Died (known also as The Escaped Cock). Published less than a year before his passing away at the age of ... Read More | Share