Paul Tillich, Intertestamental Period

Paul Tillich, History Of Christian Thought — Intertestamental Period — We spoke yesterday about the preparation of Christianity in Hellenistic philosophy. Today we come first to the Hellenistic period of the Jewish religion. Of ... Read More | Share

Pascal, Lost in this corner of the universe

When I see the blindness and the wretchedness of man, when I regard the whole silent universe, and man without light, left to himself, and, as it were, lost in this corner of the universe, without knowing who has put him there, what he has ... Read More | Share

Ian MacLean, Pascal

Here is Ian MacLean’s article on Pascal at the Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy, London and New York 1998, as edited by ELLOPOS — Blaise Pascal was a mathematical prodigy who numbered among his early achievements an essay on ... Read More | Share

Pascal, The Mystery of Jesus

Jesus suffers in His passions the torments which men inflict upon Him; but in His agony He suffers the torments which He inflicts on Himself; turbare semetipsum. This is a suffering from no human, but an almighty hand, for He must be ... Read More | Share

Pascal, The philosophers, and the most foolish

We are full of things which take us out of ourselves. Our instinct makes us feel that we must seek our happiness outside ourselves. Our passions impel us outside, even when no objects present themselves to excite them. External objects tempt ... Read More | Share

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